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Dean Park Nursery

Rabbits - Ages 3+

Sarah Ballett - Room Leader

Level 3 Early Years Education

"Children explore using a range of resources, which is fantastic!  Their choices show so much about their imagination and character. I enjoy getting to know their individual personalities - I love it here!"

Fun fact: I love Disney and going on holiday!



Shana Heylen – Room Leader

BEd (Hons) Primary Education 

"I admire every single one of the children, they are incredibly curious and develop at their own pace which is wonderful to see. Having such a vast outdoor space gives children freedom to learn, explore and play. Our resources are unmatched - we even have our own adventure playground and astro turf!"

Fun fact: I was born in South Africa!


Dylan Brown

Level 3 Childcare

"I really enjoy working here because it has so much to offer for the children, it is so great to see and be a part of."

Fun fact: I am working towards a foundation degree in Early Years Education at Bournemouth University




Ryan Rees

Level 2 Childcare




Bozenda Genda

Level 3 Childcare