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Dean Park Nursery


School Information

Name of School: Dean Park Day Nursery
School Address: Cooper Dean Pavilion, Cavendish Road, Bournemouth BH1 1RB
Telephone Number: 
Head of Nurseries: Rebecca Mellowes
Proprietor: Forfar Education Ltd
Proprietor’s address for correspondence: 4 The Vale, London, SW3 6AH
Proprietor’s telephone number: 0207 352 4040

Chairman of the School: John Forsyth 

[email protected] / 07780 816294

Minimum session policy 

We have a minimum session policy, meaning your child is required to attend for at least four sessions per week, 5 sessions if they are receiving the extended entitlement. One session is equivalent to half a day. In our experience, this helps children to settle more quickly compared to those who only attend once a week or for two half days.

Listed below are summaries of our core policies and procedures. If you would like a full copy of any of our policies and procedures, please speak to Kelly, the nursery manager, who will be happy to provide you with them.

Safeguarding Children Policy

At Dean Park Day Nursery, our prime responsibility is the welfare, safety and protection of all children in our care.
All of our staff are trained in line with PAN Dorset Safeguarding Partnership. Our staff also use the statutory guidance, ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ and ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ to underpin our safeguarding procedures. Our staff will work together with parents and outside agencies to ensure all guidelines are followed.

Rebecca Mellowes, our Designated Safeguarding Lead acts as the lead person for any safeguarding concerns, ensuring that all safeguarding policies are followed with any safeguarding concern.

All staff at Dean Park Day Nursery, no matter what role they have, will be fully vetted and must hold a current enhanced DBS.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Policy

At Dean Park Day Nursery, our staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. The EYFS enables our staff to underpin our high standards of learning, development and care of children from the age of birth to 5 years. When you join the nursery your child’s key worker will explain the EYFS framework so that you can follow your child’s development journey at the nursery.

Our staff use the EYFS to support how and what your child will be learning in order for them to develop further. At Dean Park Day Nursery, children will be learning skills acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development.

All of our staff members are committed to teaching and supporting children by making sure that activities are suited to their unique needs and interests. We actively promote children’s progress and document their learning by completing regular observations, which are used to plan activities around individual children’s interests. These observations are all recorded in children’s learning journals which are available to view at any time. Parents are encouraged to contribute to all aspects of their child’s learning whilst at the nursery.

Behaviour Management Policy

At Dean Park Day Nursery, we believe in a consistent and positive approach to managing the behaviour of children in the nursery. We ensure that staff develop effective strategies and use positive methods that are tailored to each child.

Our staff will always take your child’s needs into consideration and will work towards meeting them in the setting. Our nursery has high expectations of behaviour to ensure that all children develop a sense of right and wrong and care and consideration for other people.

We aim to keep children continuously engaged in activities that contribute to their ongoing learning. We will also regularly create new environments for children that are stimulating, motivating and encourage learning and development.

Equality & Diversity Policy

At Dean Park Day Nursery, our staff take great care to ensure that we are fully inclusive, valuing all children and showing respect to different ethnicities, cultures, racial origins, languages and gender. We encourage all children to develop positive attitudes and thinking towards those from diverse backgrounds. Discrimination of any kind has no place.

We will ensure that resources and equipment are appropriate for all children. They will also ensure that cultural beliefs and calendar events are celebrated.

Health & Safety Policy

At Dean Park Day Nursery, the Health and Safety of all children in our care is of paramount importance. Our staff will always strive to go beyond the minimum statutory requirements to ensure that health and safety of your child remains our first priority.

All of our staff are qualified and trained to create safe learning environments for children. At least one member of staff will conduct a safety check at the beginning and end of each day to ensure that the nursery environments, both indoors and outdoors are safe and secure.

We have designated Health and Safety duties which ensure we carry out regular checks on first aid kits, ensure that the Health and Safety policy is fully adhered to and complete and monitor risk assessments.

At Dean Park Day Nursery, we believe that all nursery staff should be fully trained in paediatric first aid.

Our nursery is kept secure and has locked doors that can only be opened by staff. All visitors to our nurseries are required to sign the visitors book on arrival and departure, and we ensure that visitors will not be left unsupervised with children.

At Dean Park Day Nursery, a child can only be collected by their parents/carers or by a person that has been given permission. If our staff do not recognise a person that is collecting a child, then the child will remain at nursery until a member of staff can contact the child’ parents/carers.

Healthy Eating Policy

At Dean Park Day Nursery, we believe a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity is essential for children’s health and well-being. All of the meals and snacks that we serve at nursery are planned around a healthy and balanced diet.

Medication Policy

At Dean Park Day Nursery, we understand that there may be times where your child may require medication whilst at nursery. Therefore, on those occasions where your child requires medication, you will be asked to complete a medication record detailing the directions to be followed for administering the medication. We must advise you that we are only obliged to take prescribed medication, and the dosage allowance outlined on the prescription label.

The only non-prescribed medication we will administer are those that are given for teething or nappy rash.

Privacy Policy