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Dean Park Nursery

Learning Objectives

Forest School encourages child lead learning, so as the weeks progress children are given more freedom and responsibility to explore their own interests and direct their own learning.

At Forest School we promote the use of natural resources to encourage creativity, imagination, and investigation. Some of the forest school activities include:

  • Tree climbing
  • Climbing and balancing
  • Bug hunts
  • Making bug houses and hotels
  • Animal tracking
  • Studying wildlife
  • Digging
  • Collecting, identifying and sorting natural materials
  • Natural arts and crafts
  • The use of knots and lashing
  • Den making
  • Team games

Through our commitment to Forest School and other outdoor learning opportunities, we aim to inspire a meaningful connection to the natural world and an understanding of how we all fit within it, and therefore, it plays an important part in the children becoming healthy, resilient, creative, and independent learners.