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Supporting your Childs learning

Supporting your Childs learning

LearningBook is a complete digital solution for your child’s development. Accessed vis a web browser login it enables you see what your child is doing at nursery, monitor progress and see how that fits into their learning journey, including what milestones they are currently working towards.

Not only can you view this resource securely at any time but it also gives you the insights that will help you provide the right support at home which compliments your child’s nursery activities.

LearningBook is a complete digital solution for learning journeys where your child’s school or nursery can record, analyse and share information on their progress.

As a parent of a child at Dean Park Day Nursery you will be given access to your child’s digital LearningBook allowing to keep up to date progress

Key uses for parents

Key uses for parents

  • View and comment on observations taken at school through the MyLearningBook portal.
  • See how each observation is linked to the EYFS curriculum and what link means.
  • Give extended or overseas family access to view your child’s learning journey.
  • View your child’s overall progress throughout the early years curriculum.
  • Upload your own photos from home activities to enhance your child’s learning record.
  • Access and download activities relevant to your child’s stage of development, created by your child’s school or nursery.

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